About the author


My name is Nicholas Thompkins. I am a 27 year old student of Journalism at the University of Colorado Boulder. For me, journalism is a place where facts and ideas can merge, and information can freely be shared amongst people from all walks of life. As I continue down the path of journalism and writing I solely try to focus on real world issues and the significance they have in our daily lives. By encapsulating what is happening in the outer realms of life, readers are able to discern what action is beneficial on a case-to-case basis – giving everyone an opportunity to engage in varied topics in many different fashions.

In my spare time I am a musician, poet, and outdoor enthusiast. To me, creativity is a path that is always shaping and molding with the rhythms and currents of life. I use these outlets, and many more, to remain positive and productive in an ever-changing world. Whether it be environmental issues, warfare, or scientific breakthroughs, the sole purpose of a journalistic writer is to remain engaged and to provide as much unbiased information to the public as possible. I strive to align my daily activities, interactions, and endeavors with these basic principles of journalism.

Thank you for looking at my blog and may peace be with you!